YouTube Videos!

Throughout the summer we released informational YouTube videos 7 days a week to spread our knowledge both inside and outside of the FIRST community. A few of these series will continue onwards throughout the season as our team progresses so be sure to stay tuned for more videos!

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Enjoy :)

Welcome to Uplift Robotics YouTube!

We plan on releasing CAD, Programming, and Stem videos in the near future. Stay Tuned!

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This series is a guide to using odometry and documents our journey of developing and assembling our custom system.

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Beginner CAD

This series is an introduction to CAD for FTC. If you are just starting out in CAD or are brushing up on basic techniques this is a great place to start.

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Advanced CAD

This is a unique series covering advanced CAD techniques for FTC. If you're looking to take your CAD beyond the basics to the next level you'll want to check this out.

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FTC Programming

This is an introductory series on Java for FTC. If you're starting out in FTC or want to reap the benefits of using Java this is a great reference.

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FIRST Flight Crew

In this video series, we interview alumni, mentors, and even judges about their FIRST experiences to highlight how the FIRST Community has positively influenced those who have competed or worked with FIRST!

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We've Started hosting livestreams with other FTC teams focusing on sharing valuable knowledge that is not commonly known or accessible within the FIRST community.

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FLL Programming

This series covers the fundamentals of EV3 block programming for FLL and how to program your robot to navigate the FLL game autonomously.

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Scratch Programming

This series teaches the fundamentals of Scratch programming. Whether you're a kid or an adult looking to learn basic programming and get into the world of STEM, Scratch is one of the best places to start.

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This series covers some more complex challenges on If you want something more complex than Scratch but aren't ready to go beyond block programming is a great middle ground.

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Science Experiments

These are science experiment tutorials to get younger kids involved in STEM. Even if you're an adult or teen these are some fun little science experiments to cure boredom.

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