Our Team!

We are a team consisting of 15 members from Oviedo, FL. Seven of our members are new to FTC and we can't wait to start our journey as not only a team, but also a family.

Our Co-Leads

Devan Ravani

My name is Devan Ravani. I am one of the co - leaders of Uplift Robotics. I attend Hagerty High School and am in the 12th grade. This is my 8th year in FIRST: 4 years in FLL and 4 years in FTC. FIRST has been amazing for me and I can't wait to start the new season. My goal this year is to spread my knowledge of programming to rookie members and others in the community. I also like to play Basketball and video games with my robotics teammates in my free time.

Alex Eum

Hola amigos, I am Alex Eum, a 12th-grade student at Hagerty High School, and one of the co-leaders of First Tech Challenge Team 18172 UpLift Robotics. This is my 4th year in FIRST and my 4th year in FTC. I’ve learned a lot so far in my time in robotics and I’d love to continue learning, especially CAM and machining, on top of the CAD and software that I do on this team. I spend a lot of time on robotics, but in my spare time, I play some tennis and enjoy learning about some of the hobby aspects of robotics, such as 3D printing, that I’d like to take into the future. :)

The Members

Chase Kaplan

Hi, I'm Chase and I'm a Junior at Hagerty High School. This is my 8th year in FIRST and my 5th Season in FTC. I hope to continue learning about CAD in addition to doing more with the notebook and presentation. Outside of robotics, I love to bike, longboard, and rock climb. Go UpLift!

Alex Madruga

My name is Alex and I am in 9th grade at Hagerty High school. I have completed 1 year of FLL and participated in FTC since the 2018-19 season. That’s 3 years of FIRST experience as a freshman. I enjoy gaming, hanging with my team mates, and skateboarding on cool afternoons.

Amari Patel

Hi, my name is Amari Patel and I am in 9th grade at Hagerty High School. I've been in FIRST since 6th grade starting with FLL and went to the International competition in Arkansas. I hope to learn more about hardware as well as notebook, outreach, fundraising, and social media. In my spare time, I like woodworking, baking, and getting my hands dirty and learning new skills.

Krithika Subramanian

Hi, I am Krithika Subramanian. I am Junior at Hagerty Highschool. This is my third season of FTC. I hope to continue learning more about programming and help with the notebook. Outside of FTC, I enjoy participating in orchestra, competing in science fair and drawing.

Riley Boice

Hey! My name is Riley, not only is this going be my 4th year with FIRST, but it will also be my Senior year at Hagerty High School. My role on the team is documentation and social media. Some of my hobbies include rock climbing, talking on the phone for hours, and hanging out with friends. Even though this will be my last year on a team, I’ve got a good feeling it’s gonna be my best yet!

Nitin Balasubramanian

My name is Nitin Balasubramanian and I am a Junior at Hagerty High. This is my 6th year in FIRST after 3 years in FLL and my 3rd year in FTC. I am involved with the CAD and Hardware aspects of our team, while also learning more about notebook documentation and programming as well. Some of my hobbies include playing basketball, piano, and competing in math and science competitions.

Nathan Treibitz

Hi my name is Nathan Treibitz I am im 9th grade at Hagerty High School. I have done 5 years of First Lego League and this is my 1st year of First Tech Challenge. I hope to learn and participate in the hardware and design aspect of FTC. I like to play basketball, dungeons and dragons, and watch football. I'm a huge UCF fan(go knights) and love to go to games. I'm excited for this new chapter of robotics and FIRST!

Sahil Ravani

Hello! My name is Sahil Ravani and I am a freshman at Hagerty High School. This is going to be my fourth year in FIRST but my first year in FTC. I hope to learn a lot about software and programming this year on the team. In my free time, I like playing sports and video games. I am looking forward to having a great year ahead.

Matthew Self

I'm Matthew Self and I am an 12th grade student at Hagerty High School. I was in FLL in middle school and this will be my 2nd year in FTC. I hope to learn more about the logistics of building a team and improving my Java programming knowledge. For hobbies, I enjoy playing video games and am a certified amateur radio operator.

Riya Joshi

My name is Riya Joshi. I am a 9th grader at winter springs high school. I have been a part of the FIRST program for 5 years in FLL I started when I was in 4th grade and from then I knew it was something I had to continue! I enjoy playing instruments, painting, and biking! I can't wait to see what my first season of FTC brings!

Ranjiv Sajay

Hi, my name is Ranjiv Sajay and I am a Freshman at Hagerty High School. I have a total of 5 years of experience in FIRST when I started in fourth grade but this is my first year in FTC. I would mainly like to learn how to program, code, and maybe some hardware this year. My hobbies include playing sports, playing different instruments and video games.

Noah Albano

Hi, my name is Noah Albano, and I am a 9th grader at Hagerty High School. I have two years of experience in FIRST, both of them being First Lego League. I hope to learn how to program in a different language and I hope to learn more engineering concepts through both hardware and software. I like to play video games and I am the biggest gator fan you will ever know.

Matthew Dearolph

Hello I'm Matthew Dearolph and I am in 12th grade at Hagerty High School. I was in FLL in elementary school and this will be my 2nd year in FTC. I’m excited to help build this new team and I hope to expand my knowledge about programming and hardware during this season. For hobbies, I enjoy playing video games and I play club and high school soccer.